We only do what's best!

Our unique recipes have been developed to provide your pet with the balanced nutrition required for living a long, happy and active life!




for maintenance of overall body condition and weight management



Vitamin E for immune system protection



for intestinal stabilization



to aid in the delivery of nutrition and provide support to overcome digestive issues



to enhance intake, digestion and immunity

Genesis:Ultra Premium Brand

Genesis is formulated to provide nutritional excellence. The direction we gave our nutritionist was simple. "Formulate the best, most nutritious diets possible. No restrictions, and no cutting corners."

The manufacturing process is a critical component of a truly ultra premium food. In producing Genesis, we adhere to extracting and consistent standards of quality control.

All our Genesis products are formulated to provide your pet with exceptional nutrition, and with outstanding flavour. Feeding Genesis along with your loving care is all your friend needs for a healthy and happy life.

Life Enhancement Formula

Enhancing the quality and life of your family pet is important to you.

Genesis pet food is, in our opinion, an Ultra Premium Quality food carefully created to exacting specifications. We use special ingredients along with the proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and nutrients designed to help your pet live a long, happy and healthy life.

We have chosen these ingredients carefully with your pet in mind - we've placed no limitations on the quality of the ingredients because we think your pet deserves the very best - Genesis!

Your pet will love the delicious taste of Genesis  - you will love the results you see in your pet's coat, eyes, footpads and overall physical and mental condition. You be the judge!

Ultra Premium Genesis, along with fresh water, plenty of exercise, and of course your devoted love and attention, is an excellent choice for the life of your pet

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Genesis: Small Animal

Extruded Alfalfa Rabbit Food

Extruded Alfalfa Rabbit Food

Extruded Timothy Rabbit Food

Extruded Timothy Rabbit Food


Genesis Ultra Premium Dog & Cat Food Products

Genesis Ultra Premium Dog & Cat Food Products

Genesis Life Stages

Genesis Functional

Genesis Breed Specific Formulas

Genesis Small Animal

What our Customers are saying:

“Hello Holly and all of you from Harrison Pet Products! My name is Luna and I'm Nano's new friend. I have never tasted pellets as good as they give me here in my new home! I even climb to my new Dad's lap to grab them since he isn't fast enough giving them to me. I heard that you guys made them for us. I REEEALLY LOVE THEM, SO THANK YOU MILLIONS!”

-- Luna - the Rabbit from Finland

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